ComSpec International, Inc.

Supplemental Services

Project Control Flexibility

ComSpec can provide you with a development team managed by an experienced project leader, or assign a consultant with the right background to meet your specific needs. We recognize the need for clients to have diversified methods of control from fixed price, time and material, and task team to off-site development.

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing your IT operation to ComSpec eliminates the need for finding space, equipment or technical resources. Projects-or portions of projects-can be handled by IT personnel that are trained in current emerging technologies. Space, equipment or skilled resources no longer become bottlenecks to critical projects. Once completed, the application can remain housed at ComSpec or we can provide maintenance support on a regular basis.

Proven Project Methodologies

At ComSpec we are dedicated to helping you attain your long-range plans. ComSpec project management teams work with you, using our proven project methodologies, to meet your requirements. From initial concept to successful project completion, ComSpec is committed to doing it right. Every time.